SOCIAL ANXIETY AND VIDEO GAME ADDICTION : Episode 87 of the So Free Art Podcast, with Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson
So Free Art Podcast


This be one of them there Brain Dump episodes, where I just talk and see what comes out :) Main topics are Social Anxiety, and Video Game Addiction.

Some of the tings I discuss include:
Observing My Thoughts,
Threshold Guardians,
Positive and Negative Thoughts and Feelings,
and Synchronicities.

Hope you enjoy it :)

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So Free Art Podcast 82 - Gender Reassignment Surgery - How Important is Having a Willy or a Fanny? About The Tings with Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson
So Free Art Podcast


This About The Tings episode see me talking about Willys and Fannys, or Cocks and Pussys lol

I talk about how different words for the same ting, have different Feelings about them, and ask the question, How important is having a Willy or a Fanny?

This Brain Dump episode goes all over the place, but by the end I realise that sometimes you need to go through an Experience, in order to realise you didn’t actually have to; it’s funny, kind of like a Paradox :)

I also talk about

Lucid Dreaming,
Dream Interpretation,
The Importance of Words,
GRS Surgery,
Letting Go,
and Mooji

Hope you enjoy dis one :)

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The So Free Art Podcast Episode 79 - Me Broken Website
So Free Art Podcast


Ka-BOOM! In this one I brain dump about me lil website that broke last week, and some of my feelings and Learnings from the experience.

Sadness, Disbelief, Confusion … followed by a sense of Liberation and Excitement!

It’s been Fascinating, Tings happen in mysterious ways, but I’ve learnt that the Universe always knows best.

I will most likely talk a bit more about this on next weeks episode, as stuff has changed since recording this one, but in this episode I also talk about

Transgender Abuse,
how Negative Experiences can end up becoming the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You,
and a Theory where I think we’re all existing on Multiple Timelines at the same time.

Hope you like this one :)

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The So Free Art Podcast Episode 73 - Over coming Addiction
So Free Art Podcast


This lil Piggy went to Market, and ended up becoming Addicted to Buying Tings … Addiction, that’s the topic of this weeks episode. I talk about being Addicted to Buying Videogames, being Addicted to Buying Art Books, being Addicted to Buying Dresses and Shoes, but, how I’m Overcoming Addiction with the help of Awareness and Saying NO! My conclusion though? I think You can have your Cake and Eat It, you just Can’t Eat It All At Once … have a lil Slice Now and Again :)I also talk about Limiting Beliefs, Affirmations, Automatic Writing, and a bit random, but at the very end, the Board Game Arkham Horror :) Hope you find this one interesting.

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The So Free Art Podcast Episode 71 - Illness
So Free Art Podcast


What are Bogies? Just one of the questions I pose on this weeks episode, where I talk about Illness and tings like: How Lewis Hamilton having an illness inspired me, How even Monks get illness, The Universe is Always in Control, How we are Fragile Beings, I like Sneezing, You maybe Can’t Control illness, but you Can Control How You Respond to it. Being positive while being ill seems to come down to Awareness, everything seems to be about Awareness! Hope you enjoy this one :)

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The So Free Art Podcast Episode 70- Connecting the dots, a new direction for the show
So Free Art Podcast


The So Free Art Podcast is heading in a new direction, where it will be more Art and Tings, less Tings and Art :) This episode’s about Focus, Discipline, Studying, Embracing Fears, Awareness, and Internal Burps lol Moving forward each episode will look at Courses, Art Books and Articles I’ve studied that week, and in the process it may allow me to Learn that I haven’t Learnt what I’m Learning :) Lucid Dreaming and stuff will still be on the show, but they’ll be squeezed into a single episode called ‘About The Tings’ every 8 weeks or so, allowing for a more focused podcast. I also give details about how you can win the Sketch with Asia Art Book, and lil Dennis has some friends show up! Hope you enjoy this one, and like the new direction.

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So Free Art Podcast


Being with Nature Creates Memorable Experiences, and on this podcast, I talk about a few of the recent ones I’ve had Studying Creatures while Urban Sketching. Some of the tings I talk about include, How I’ve started to Fall in Love with the Simple Shapes of Boats, How Nature creates Perfect Shapes, and questions like, Would a Butterfly by Beautiful without Wings?, Why do we Find Spiders Scary?, Do Seagulls have Telepathic Abilities?, What’s life like for a Snail?, and Do Dragonflies look like Helicopters or do Helicopters look like Dragonflies? Studying Creatures is Super Fun, hope you find this Podcast Fun too :)

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So Free Art Podcast


Death. On this one I talk about Why I think it’s good to think about Death from Time to Time, How it can Help You Appreciate People in your Life More, How it can Help You Face Fears, Achieve Goals and Lead to you becoming a Better Artist and Human Being. I also ask, Are we Dead already?, What Happens during the Death Process? and Are Dreams Linked to the Death Realm? Hope you like this one :)

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So Free Art Podcast


Get outside with Nature, the voice in my head kept saying, so I did, and I took lil Dennis with me to record this podcast while walking through the woods of Saltrum, before doing a spot of Sunbathing :) It ends up being a discussion about Doing Too Much Stuff, how Nature helps in Finding Balance, and there’s a lot about Facing Fears. I tell a story about these pink sunglasses I started wearing in 2015 that changed my life, by helping me overcome some of my biggest fears. Fear seems to be the recurring topic this week, because I also tell how I went Wild Camping last weekend, and ended up walking 12 miles through the creepy woods in the dead of night. I also reveal how You Can Win some Art Books, woohoo. This is a bit of a different podcast than usual, but I hope you have fun with it :)

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So Free Art Podcast


From Arsonist to Artist, this one’s all about Change … ‘ Read one of your Blog Posts ‘ was this weeks lil topic, until I decided naa, can’t be bothered lol and pulled out another one … ‘ Talk About Change ‘ is what came up, and it ends up being a very random episode where I Break the Rules, Nearly Set Fire to lil Dennis and talk about how I used to be an Arsonist but changed into an Artist :) I discuss how Drawing is like life, in that it’s constantly changing, and share another Lucid Dream, and a bit about this odd experiment which will make you question reality. Hope you enjoy this explosive episode :)

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