This weeks show is a little different, it was supposed to be all about pencils, but at the last minute I decided to talk about something else … Lucid Dreaming and Art. On 1st February 2018, I had my first full Lucid Dream, where I was able to control the dream … it was incredible, the only way to describe it, is it felt more real than real.

Ever since, I’ve been researching all I can about lucid dreaming and I’ve come up with a wacky idea that I believe is possible. I believe, you can become lucid in a dream, ask for a painting to manifest itself, than learn how to paint it during your dream, before painting it for real when you wake up.

Sounds mad, but there is evidence of this being possible.

I talk about my lucid dream, and how my experience was so joyful, it woke me up with a wet dream … eww … lol I also talk a bit about my early opinions on what is going on in the dream world, as well as how I think this all relates to art. Turns out, Lucid Dreaming isn’t something Magical either, it certainly feels like it is, but in fact, just like Art, it’s a Skill that can be practiced and Learnt by anyone.

Basically, YOU and I, can LEARN to CONTROL our DREAMS.

•  SaetaStudio.com/30 in 30– Leslie Saeta’s Painting Challenge
•  My YouTube Channel – which I recently changed from Kevin to my name Sophie Lawson :)
Dr Keith Hearne and Dr Clare Johnson YouTube Interview – Dr Keith talks about manifesting music in his Lucid Dream, than creating it in the real world when he wakes up. While Dr Clare tells how she once had a face to face conversation with a character in one of her novels, within a lucid dream, than used this conversation to changed the course of the books story
Inspire Nation Show YouTube Interview with Robert Waggoner –  Great Interview about learning how to Lucid Dream, and some of the powerful benefits it can have on your waking life


– Vincent Van Gogh