This podcast is about Finding Focus, but it’s also a look behind the curtain of my mind and how thoughts are everywhere at the moment … I find it funny how, a podcast about focus, is so unfocused lol but that’s where my mind is at the moment.

The good thing is, CHAOS ALWAYS LEADS TO CLARITY, so hopefully soon I can get back on track with my daily Art habits. I talk about the struggles of focusing on one thing when you have multiple things you want to do, and how maybe, True Focus is about finding a Balance, between everything that makes you happy and helps you grow.

So for me, maybe it’s ok to not be focused on Art at the moment, as long as whatever I am focused on, is leading me in the right direction of who I ultimately want to be. It’s a weird one this, but I also talk about: Discipline, Tracking Habits and an idea I have for a lilSOPHiE Art Course … I just need to focus on getting the bleeding thing started lol

SeanWes 5 Five Habit Tracker

Here’s an image of my March 2018 daily habit tracker I talked about on the show; I colour coded my habits to be

  • pink for Art habits,
  • lilac for Transitioning habits and
  • blue for Learning habits.

What I like about this system is, you can clearly see what you focused on most each month. For me, it was the lilac of being myself at work, that is – going to work in female clothes and makeup. This was a big challenge, but what helped was setting a deadline of when I wanted to be fully myself at work. It worked, as it forced me to take baby steps each day, knowing that the deadline day was getting closer; so I think moving forward I’ll start setting deadlines for art goals too :)

I really do love this system Sean McCabe created, you can download yours from FiveHabitTracker.com :)

I printed each month out really small – 8cm by 14cm – than I stuck each month into a little tiny notebook that I keep by the side of my bed, meaning I don’t have sheets of paper everywhere, don’t waste my coloured pencils, and have the bonus of it looking even more pretty :)

FiveHabitTracker.comSean McCabes excellent system for creating new daily habits. It’s so pretty, and a fun way to build new habits, he even offers full templates for you to download and print out :)
LucasFilm.com– The official site of George Lucas, who has this weeks Inspirational Quote :)


– George Lucas