Wow. This podcast is all over the place … but the main topic in Healing and Lucid Dreaming, or more specifically, my first experience of using Lucid Dreaming to help heal from Child Abuse. Its been a pretty thought provoking few weeks, I talk about a lot of the things I’ve been dealing with on this episode, like –

The main topic is can you Heal from child abuse with Lucid Dreaming? But i also talk about

  • Are Videogames a bad thing?
  • Following your bliss … but what if you start feeling that your bliss isn’t what you thought it was?
  • Taking the difficult decision to start Genital Reassignment Surgery
  • Is reality actually a Virtual Reality?
  • Spending a night on the moors Looking at the Stars
  • Healing Crisis … how Reiki Healing made me worse before it got better
  • Questioning What do I want do with my Life?
  • The Struggle of allowing myself to Rest.

Lots of stuff covered on this one about Healing and Lucid Dreaming … If you have thoughts about the topics discussed on this episode, please leave a comment down below :)

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Oh, and here’s a couple photos from my time on the Moors that I spoke about on the podcast… I’ve just taken a photo of them direct from the camera viewfinder lol, haven’t got round to editing them yet but you get the idea of how peaceful the place is :)

Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson, Posing on the Moors :)

Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson, Posing on the Moors :)

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