241 • Ai ART

This ‘Dump and Doodle‘ is a brain dump about Ai Art, while doing some Doodling.

Co-host lilDENNiS was with me, to talk about stuff like:

  • Why Should Ai Art Stop You Drawing?,
  • Are We Robots?,
  • Why You Have to Love The Process of Creating Art,
  • A Real Hell vs a Fake Heaven,
  • Is Ai Art Real Art?,
  • Can Robots Be Creative?,
  • Using Copyrighted Images,
  • A Video by Steven Zapata Art,
  • Is GOD an Ai?,
  • Using Ai Art Programs,
  • and I quickly Talk About The Pentel Sign Pen from last week :)

Hope you enjoy.

Draftsman Podcast about Ai Art
SVS Learn : Will AI Art Kill Artist’s Careers?
Jake Parker : Join The Fight Against Ai Art
Steven Zapata ‘The End of Art : An Argument Agaisnt Image AI’s’

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– Steven Zapata