Tombow Mono Eraser Pen - Recommended Art Tools with Artist Sophie Lawson

Recommended Art Tools



A very thin 2.3mm eraser, housed in a pen shaped case, that allows for amazing control when erasing high detail drawings.


This thing can do so much. It feels like you’re holding a pen, so you’re able to draw in reverse. Effectively erasing as if you’re drawing. It’s also highly effective at clearing up edges, adding highlights to hair, or adding details at Life Drawing class.


You just hold it like a pencil and click the end as if you’re clicking a mechanical pencil, and the eraser plops out the bottom. When you need to refill the eraser, you just slide the old one out, and the new one in. I recommend always having a knife at hand, so that you can slice the tip from time to time. This will allow you to get a nice sharp, clean point.


The eraser pen is made by Tombow, a Japanese based company, but you can buy them on eBay and Amazon from UK sellers for a very reasonable price. The Eraser pen costs around £5 and comes with one eraser, tubes of 2 refills costs £2.50. Using only one eraser every day, I found it lasts about 2 months, so a tube should last about 4 months. There are 2 different versions you can buy, one comes with a round tip while the other has a rectangle tip. Both tips are 2.3mm, but the rectangle one is longer. I own both, but never use the rectangle one anymore. I found it wasn’t as precise as the round tip, which is smaller and so allows for more control.


Firstly, the actual holder itself looks so cool. It comes in black or blue and white, I selected the blue and white as it matches the cardboard sleeve of the regular Mono Eraser, which I thought was cute. I have removed the white plastic clip on the end, as I personally found it got in the way sometimes. This makes the eraser thinner, and for me, more comfortable.

The round tipped one is so good, I actually own three of them now. One for Realistic Drawing, one for my Sketching pencil case and one for my Life Drawing pencil case. It may not the best in certain situations, such as erasing large areas, but this thing could still do it … it would just take a while :) This is my most used tool only behind the pencil. Without doubt my favourite eraser, in fact, it is my most recommended of all art tools I own.

I adore this eraser.

“Always have a knife with you, so you can slice a bit of the tip from time to time. This will produce a nice clean, sharp edge, allowing for greater accuracy.

– Sophie’s Top Tip

“Hands are the Tool of the Painter, The Artist.”

Agnes Varda