So Free Art Podcast Episode 30 - Why Do An Art Challenge? Facing Your Fears, Playing, Trying New Things and Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, with Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson

This weeks lil podcast is all about ART CHALLENGES, and some of the reasons Why I believe doing an Art Challenge could be one of the Best Tings you ever do … even if it does feel a lil bit scary at first :)

I talk about my experience Learning Digital Painting during the Digital Dream Art Challenge, and the fun I had getting messy with Oil Paints for the first time, during Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 Painting Challenge.

But Why Do an Art Challenge?

  • Helps Build Confidence,
  • Allows you to Embrace Uncertainty,
  • You get to Try New Tings,
  • Realise the Importance of Playing,
  • Find out the Importance of Journaling,
  • You Step Outside your Comfort Zone,
  • May even end up Finding new Passions

There’s just so many reasons, but doing an Art Challenge will take you so far out of your Comfort Zone, that you’ll end up Fearlessly trying new things, which will help you realise all those FEARS stopping you from doing tings … they’re all LIES :)

Art Challenges are all about Learning, Experimenting and Playing, but most importantly, they’ll make you feel like a kid again, because they’re Fun … CHALLENGING, BUT FUN :)

DON’T WASTE TIME FOCUSING ON THE DETAILS WHILE DRAWING … especially during the early phases

Hope you like this one. If you have any advice / struggles about Art Challenges, this weeks lil Art Tip, or if you have any questions/topics you’d like discussed in future episodes, please get in touch. You can message me down the bottom of this page, by leaving a comment on YouTube, or by SENDING AN EMAIL

The Digital Dream – The 75 day Digital Painting Challenge I created in 2017, when I wanted to start learning how to Draw and Paint Digitally.
Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 Painting Challenge – A 30 day Traditional Painting Challenge I took part in this year where I got messy with the oil paints for the first time :)
Inktober Art Challenge – I’ll be taking part in the Inktober Art challenge for the first time this year, where you have 31 days to produce 31 drawings!
lilSOPHiE – The custom character I brought to life during the Digital Dream Art Challenge :)


– Fred DeVito