What Do I want? : A Sod This! About The Tings Walk and Talk Episode 209 of the So Free Art Podcast, with Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson

This Attack of the Cows ‘About The Tings‘ episode is a Walk and Talk around Saltrum, the local woods, where I ask What Do I want?, and talk about the Struggles of Finding Focus.

It was so cold and windy today that co-host lilDENNiS stayed at home in the warm, but some of the topics I talked about include:

  • Asking What Do I want?,
  • The Art of Loving book by Erich Fromm,
  • Family Issues,
  • Caring With Other People Think,
  • Atlantis and The Golden Age,
  • Is Making Videos a Distraction?,
  • Being Unable to Focus on Studying,
  • The Day Job,
  • Ducks,
  • My Birthday,
  • and a bunch of Cows Sing Us A Song while have a poo :)

Hope you enjoy this one, and sorry if the wind got a bit mental at times :)

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The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm