In 2014 I was fortunate enough to go to the London MCM Comic Con. It was fun, I loved seeing all the cosplayers walking around, felt unreal lol I really wanted to see a Chie from Persona 4, but I didn’t spot any :( Doh! They did have this big section of the hall dedicated to Artists though, and while I was down there admiring all the artwork, I saw A3 prints for sale of a piece of art that I had already fallen in love with on DeviantArt.

You know when you see something and it just makes you feel good inside and you can’t explain it, that’s what this painting has always been like for me. I was smiling so much when I saw it on the wall for sale, it’s the digital painting Don’t watch me Draw, by DestinyBlue. When I saw it, I said in my head “I’ll pay whatever she wants for it”, especially when I realised she was signing them too :)

I never in a million years thought I would one day get this painting signed by the artist herself.

DestinyBlue is one of my Inspirational Artists. I still can’t believe it, I got all shy when it was my turn to get mine signed, she said I looked like I was enjoying myself because I had already bought lots of stuff. I had my little Madoka Magica Kyubey plushie with me lol I really wanted to tell her how much I have loved her artwork and how much this one painting really speaks to me. I couldn’t get the words out though, I was all shy and so instead just enjoyed the moment and was happy that I had one of my favourite pieces of art signed by the artist herself.

I have since framed it and put it up on my wall where it now sits and makes me happy lol It really is my most prized possession, it used to be my PlayStation Vita, but now is is this. To me it is priceless! It’s signed to Kevin, my male name. Seeing as I am now transitioning, I will need to find her again and get a print signed to Sophie :)

*future me* already done it :) … Kevin was my old name, I have since received a Signed DestinyBlue print to Sophie, my new name, which I think is cool because it’s like DestinyBlue has come on my journey with me :)*end of future me*

While I was there I also purchased this amazing print of Medusa by Duncan Gutteridge; another of my Inspirational Artists. Other bits and bobs included posters, Madoka Magica figures, my super cute Kyubey plushie :) Haruhi Suzumiya Art book, and some Persona 4 Figures, including a little Chie :) So happy to find that, my cousin found her, I was looking for Chie figures all day! :)

I also took a photo of a little Final Fantasy display that had one of my favourite Final Fantasy characters as part of it, Cactuar, or cactus man as I like to call him :) You can see the photo I took above, I can’t stop seeing cactus man in the new DeviantArt logo lol I love their new Logo, it’s much classier and sexy, but it don’t half remind me of Cactus man! Wahoooooo lol

There is also a photo of my Cousins Star Wars shrine. As you can see, he’s Star Wars crazy! I did a drawing for him of Natalie Portman playing Padme Amidala. You can just see it in the photo, as it is now hanging on his wall! I hope he loves it as much as I love my most prized possession :)


– Thomas Merton