The final 6 days of Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 painting challenge, were without doubt the most fun … I created Watercolours paintings of my chibi inspired character lilSOPHIE.

With the challenge over, here’s the final six lilSOPHiE Watercolour Paintings I produced :)

DAYS 25 TO 30


DAY 25 • lilSOPHiE 1 [Size: 21x13cm]
Aww… the first lilSOPHIE watercolour painting I ever created, and she’s got breasts lol She’s never had boobies before :)

DAY 26 • lilSOPHiE 2 [Size: 21x13cm]
lilSOPHIE likes to draw too, but she needs to loosen her grip … look how she’s holding that pencil *tut* hold it at the tip so we get nice flowing lines!

DAY 27 • lilSOPHiE 3 [Size: 21x13cm]
One of my favourite this is, I like the feel of this one, the colour of her dress, and the pose :)

DAY 28 • lilSOPHiE 4 [Size: 21x13cm]
The WOOHOO! Pose … that’s what day 28 was :)

DAY 29 • lilSOPHiE 5 [Size: 21x13cm]
lilSOPHIE gets a bit Saucy :) She was posing for a life drawing class when I painted this one :)

DAY 30 • lilSOPHiE 6 [Size: 21x13cm]
I like this one … just peacefully swinging away, totally content, totally free … a nice way to end the 2018 30 in 30 painting challenge :)


Everything I spoke about last time remains true here too, like how Less is More with Watercolour, and how it’s good to Leave Areas of the White Paper Showing … the new technical thing I learnt, was that Skin Tones are a mix of: Yellow, Red and White … sometimes I mixed it too yellowy, sometimes too dark … but I always enjoyed trying to create a realistic skin tone :)

I also learnt something I noticed during the Digital Dream Challenge … I need to improve my ability to Understand how Light Works. I’ve tried to find a good practice exercise for this, but I’m struggling. Maybe I should finally find that Mannequin I’ve stuffed in a cupboard somewhere, and actually use it lol I could shine lights on it from different angles, and study / sketch how the light and shadows behave. You know what, I’m going to o that. I’ll do it next week and make a blog post about it, woohoo :)

Honestly, this past six days weren’t really about how to do this or how to do that, instead I learnt one really important thing. I learnt what excites me more than anything else. What I want to be doing with my art time moving forward … I want to be producing lilSOPHIE art :)

I had so much fun, it was one of those things where after each finished painting I just wanted to keep going; I see now my heart is bursting to bring lilSOPHiE to life :)


It worked out really well, painting lilSOPHiE, because having done GESTURE DRAWING for years, first with, and now with the excellent Croquis Cafe YouTube Channel. I realised how they aren’t just about learning how to capture the essence of a pose, they can be used to create finished artwork.

All of these lilSOPHIE paintings were based off Gesture Drawings I’d previous done. I never planned this, it just kind of happened naturally. Thing is, I started thinking … I have literally 10000’s of gestures on pieces of paper all over the place, well, each one of those could be turned into a future lilSOPHIE painting. All those hours spent doing gesture drawings over the past few years, where at times I sometimes wondered, why am I doing this? lol It finally starts to make sense.

Before this challenge, lilSOPHIE had only ever been a digital creation of mine, but it felt more Special painting her in Watercolour, hopefully that’s not just because it’s something new. I don’t think it is, it feels different to that. I suspect I’ll end up using the Digital Painting for lilSOPHIE website images, and than Watercolour paintings for finished pieces :)

I’m not sure how well she would work with oil paints, I think the Loose Simple nature of Watercolour, kind of fits with her Simple, Flowing Essence; like the gestures, it just kind of fits together nicely.


There are no next six days, the challenge is over :( It was so much fun though, really glad I did it; I highly recommend trying a painting challenge.

Something about it feels Epic, and it Motivates you so much … plus, you realise … Wow. If I get my head down, I can actually produce quite a lot of paintings :)


– Bob Ross