This Gorgeous Girl was sat on my drawing board for ages, after having initially been hit with one of those, ‘I have to draw her’ moments; I have no idea who she is though :( The reference image on google linked to a site that no longer exists, so she may always be known simply as … The Girl with Long Lashes; nameless, like the MYSTERIOUS SEXY SANTA I previously drew :)

Technically, the hardest thing about this drawing was trying to work out how to do her hair. Being so light, I found it difficult to match the tones, as I kept wanting to go darker than what I was seeing. It became like a juggling act, darker, lighter, lighter, darker … and with such light tones, it was a bit of a challenge to create a dense, layered look.

Still, doing all the crazy loose white hairs at the end was fun, I just went mad with my MONO ZERO ERASER PEN :)

I enjoyed this drawing so much. In fact, during the last few hours I started crying. I was so happy, I started crying … I’ve never experienced that before while creating art; was a beautiful experience.


– Anonymous