BURNING MY 20,000 GESTURE DRAWINGS : Episode 84 of the So Free Art Podcast, with Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson
So Free Art Podcast


The Drawing exercise Gesture Drawing and Letting Go of Art are the main topics for this one, as I attempt to burn my 20,000 Gesture Drawings; Five years worth of Gesture Drawing go up in smoke, or do they? Dun dun dun lol

I cover a lot of tings on this one,

Gesture Drawing resources – QuickPoses and Croquis Cafe,
Traditional vs Digital,
The KOH-I-NOOR Clutch Pencil with Magic Coloured Leads,
Proko’s Figure Drawing Course,
Practicing Bad Habits,
Should you start your Gestures with the Head?,
Facing Fears,
and How the Mind is a Nobhead!

You’ll hear Fireworks exploding in the background at times, as I recorded this one spur of the moment on Halloween night, KA-BOOM! Think it adds a bit of ambiance to the episode :)

I had an aha! Moment during this one … I realised Gesture Drawing isn’t about collecting your Drawings, it’s about showing up to do the Drawing Exercise.

*sniff sniff*

Can you smell burning? I know I can lol

Hope you have fun with this one :)

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