As you can see, Dennis the Doggy had a week off lol so instead of a random topic, I talk about Haters.

Why do Haters Hate? It’s something I wasn’t quite sure of at the start of the episode, but after talking about Lucid Dreaming in the second half, I realised it was all linked.

Lucid Dreaming is all about Facing your Fears, and Haters are coming from a place of Fear.

The main tings I talk about are

  • How Haters can be a Positive thing, if you get your Head in the Right Place
  • Why Do Haters Hate?
  • How to Deal with Haters?
  • How to Turn receiving Hate into a Fun Game
  • Various Levels of Lucidity I’ve discovered
  • Hate is coming from a place of Fear
  • Lucid Dreaming is all about Facing your Fears
  • The Power of Lucid Dreaming

I also share a fun way of turning Haters into something positive, that I’m calling the Ice Cream Haters 10, and there’s a lil bit about a new Art Challenge called the Cats of June 2019.

As always, hope you enjoy it :)

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– Mr Tickle