This ‘About The Tings‘ episode is all about Psychedelics, as I talk about my first psychedelic experience with DMT.

What I’ve realised is, there is NOTHING to fear, as fear is you scaring yourself. This whole thing we’re inside of is so F@#ing Funny, and such a Genius, it’s incredible.

This episode is the first of a string of videos/podcasts where I’ll be talking about everything I’ve learnt/am learning. I hope you can keep an open mind, as the places we’re going to go get pretty crazy at times, but for this episode, I’m going to talk about the experience and the moments after, including topics like:

  • Paradoxes,
  • Entanglements within Entanglements,
  • 2012 – 2021 is a 9 year time loop,
  • DNA is time,
  • Channeling,
  • The Dying Process,
  • Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, and Psychedelics are all the same,
  • The New Earth,
  • Letting go,
  • How we are Characters in a Story,
  • My Psychedelic Experience,
  • Connecting with God,
  • Past and Future time lines,
  • Balancing Opposites,
  • Receiving a Grid in an OBE dream from my Future Self,
  • The Number 3, 6, 9,
  • How the truth is in Shapes and Numbers,
  • Illusion of Reality and Dreams,
  • Hell on Earth,
  • Fractals and Point Particles,
  • Pyramids,
  • Spiritual and Physical,
  • How there really are no Visuals,
  • DMT is the spirit molecule,
  • and how I saw everything so vividly, without any visuals.



The Grid from My Psychedelic Experience with DMT - An About the Tings Episode 146 of the So Free Art Podcast, with Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson

Here is a super rough sketch of the grid, I will do a more detailed version later. But this grid contains everything, the numbers, the shapes, the process of two entanglements finding balance, the way home to New Earth; This grid is key. 

Part One – Psychedelics : THE BEFORE
67: My Experience of Receiving the Grid via an OBE / Lucid Dream
Experience of Getting Sucked into a Black Hole

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