Introduction : Tools - Draw Everyday For A Year Art Challenge, with Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson

Do a Drawing Every Day for a Year? Are you having a laugh? Nope! lol

This is an Art Challenge which will see me Produce a Drawing Every Single Day for a Year *gulp*


A yearly Art Challenge Rebecca Berrett invited me to join, inspired by the following video:


  • You have to do a Drawing Every Single Day for a Year,
  • It has to be a Drawing From Your Imagination,
  • My rule … has to be Drawn on the day.

In previous challenges, like Inktober 2018, I sometimes drew 3 Ink Drawings on one day to create a buffer. For this Draw Everyday Art Challenge, I want part of the challenge to be Showing up Every day to help create a Daily Drawing Habit.

It’s more important to me that the drawing is created on the day, even if the quality isn’t as good as it could have been had I drawn it on a day when I had more time. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I want to find out if it’s possible to Make Time To Draw Every Day No Matter What Is Going On in my life.


  • Motivation and Inspiration with Rebecca Berrett,
  • Practice Skills I Struggle with,
  • Practice what I’m Studying at,
  • Start Creating Characters,
  • Improve Imagination Skills,
  • Start a Daily Drawing Habit,
  • and because It’s A Challenge :)

One of the main reasons why I said yes to this Challenge, even though I was right in the middle of Inktober 2019 at the time, was because it’s all about creating Art from your Imagination.

Having focused mainly on Realistic Drawings, when I decided to start drawing from my Imagination, I soon realised it was a totally different ball game.

It felt like a reset. In fact, I felt so out of my comfort zone, and disliked the quality of my Art that I avoided doing it. Saying yes to this Art Challenge is the ultimate test. I am forced to not only draw from my Imagination, but to share it too.

My art will suck, but hopefully I’ll see an improvement, and also get used to created poopy drawings, to the point where I won’t mind anymore. Almost like, The Fear of my Art Sucking won’t be a Fear anymore, Sucky Art will just become Part of the Process :)

Introduction : Tools - Draw Everyday For A Year Art Challenge, with Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson


31 day Art Challenges like Inktober are hard enough, but the thought of a 365 day one still seems mental. So I’m going into this with something Will Terry said during one of his videos “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

Simple, Simple, Simple. The More Simple, the More Chance of Not Being Overwhelmed and Quitting the Challenge. So how am I going to Keep it Simple Stupid? By doing some Stupid Simple Stuff like:

  • Limiting the amount of Variables
  • Limiting the Tools I can use
  • Limiting the Paper Size and Shape
  • Limiting the Subject Matter

Austin Kleon said something really cool in one of his books, something along the lines of How Limiting Yourself is Freeing. It sounds like a paradox, but it’s so true.

The more limits you impose, the less chance you have of getting confused and overwhelmed, and the easier it will be to get on with playing and having fun. I won’t find myself asking, What Paper should I use? What Tools should I use? What Subject should I Draw?

Stupid Simple Tools

Faber-Castell Classic Colour Pencils: To start with I’ll only be using coloured pencils as I feel most comfortable with them, and they’re relatively quick and easy to get into. I’m not using my expensive Prismacolor Pencils, instead I’m using a small tin of 24 cheap and cheerful Faber-Castell Classic Colour Pencils. Simples :)

Stupid Simple Paper

12x12cm Art Creations Sketchbooks by Royal Talens: I’m also working Stupidly Small so that I don’t have to spend hours rending tings, I know from experience there will be days where I have to get in and get out lol

I like these sexy lil square sketchbooks by Royal Talens, they’re pretty inexpensive, come in a range of colours, and you get 80 pages, so that’s 80 days worth of drawings, or 160 if you double up the sides. Very professional sketchbooks, what with their fancy ribbon divider, and high quality off white paper.

Stupid Simple Extras

Derwent Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener: I love this ting. It’s so satisfying to use, and it always creates a super strong pointy tip.

0.5 Mechanical Pencil with 2B Graphite Pencil leads: my favourite combination for sketching. I’m only using one pencil and it’s a silver Parker Mechanical Pencil my niece gave me as a gift back in 2014. It has the words, Draw Your Heart Out engraved on it, it’s my Super Special mechanical pencil :)

Micron 0.5 Fineliner: again, Simple Simple Simple. I don’t want to have loads of choice, so I’m only using one fineliner and I decided on the Micron as it slowly became me most comfortable and favourite fineliner during Inktober 2019. It has a nice unusual beiege casing, the black ink is a really nice tone, and it’s just really comfy and consistent.

Erasers: Only using two for this Art Challenge. My trusty Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Pen, which is my all time favourite Art Tool, and a Tombow Mono Sand Eraser 512A for Typewriter, which I’ve never used before, but I’m hoping it will allow me to remove ink if I make a mistake.

Pencil Case: The pencil case I use won’t have any extra tools in it other than the above, so that I can’t be tempted to use other tings :)


So that’s it :) Time to get started with the Draw Everyday For A Year Art Challenge, 365 days of drawing … it sounds bloody mental saying that.

The main thing will be to remember that This Isn’t about Creating Works of Art, it’s just about Showing Up To Draw and HAVING FUN:)


– Fred DeVito