In 2015, my Drawings were part of a three week art exhibition held at the Devonport Guildhall in Plymouth. The Exhibition, curated by Kaya Gallery, ran from Friday 5th March till Saturday 21st March. There were some really nice paintings and drawings on display, and then there were mine lol I selected three of my personal favourite Drawings to be part of the exhibition –

Otter Miranda Kerr Emily Browning

The exhibition was put together by the Plymouth Arts Club I’m a member of. We meet weekly to do mostly life drawing, I have to say, there are some amazing artists in this class. One artist, Phil, every single week he produces art that does it for me. Especially his pastel work. He actually won the ‘Best in Show’ award for his painting that you can see in one of the photos below. It’s the striking portrait, where the ladies face is blending into the dark black background. My photo doesn’t do it justice, but seeing this painting in person is pretty impressive!

This was my first ever Art exhibition, but it didn’t end here. Something magical happened while I was exhibiting. Artist Dave Crocker walked in while I was on duty manning the gallery. He was looking for me! He invited me to join the Plymouth Hoe Art Fair. I was overwhelmed. Little me? How can this be! I was scared, but I said Yes, I’d be delighted. As it turns out, joining the Art Fair was one of the best experiences of my life so far. Nothing to be scared of, in fact, it left me with nothing but fond memories from Summer 2015.

The lovely thing is, in 2016, Dave Crocker had his own art exhibition in this very building, the Devonport Guildhall. So in 2016, the roles were reversed; Dave Crocker exhibiting his work, while I walked in looking for him. The Universe is beautiful sometimes with how things play out :)