Be on the look out oh mightly warriors, for there are thieves among us, like the Puddy Cat art thief! I logged onto DeviantArt yesterday morning and had a new message that read



This message was posted to my January 20th, 2014 Puddy Cat Drawing from the user Cannidae and they also included an image that FoxyKoy posted to their account. You can see this image below on the left, alongside my Puddy Cat drawing from January 2014 on the right.

Comparison of the drawing by Art Thief with mine, by Artist Sophie Lawson

This image was posted to DeviantArt in December 2014 by user FoxyKoy. Their account is now deactivated, so Deviantant must have sniped this thief out of existence :) FoxyKoy was from Brazil, so I had to translate the drawings description but it read

BRAZILIAN ORIGINAL – “Cute, cute, eu amo gato , tentei fazer o mais realista o possível. espero que gostem e criticas são bem vindas. “

ENGLISH TRANSLATION – “Cute , cute , Neko Emoji -42 ( Kawaii Moe Smile ) [ V3 ] i love cat, tried to make as realistic as possible. I hope you enjoy and criticisms are welcome.”

I couldn’t really decide if they had stolen my drawing or not, as their DeviantArt gallery is very inconsistent with lots of different styles. So I started clicking on their other artwork, translating the descriptions and searching Google Images with the art they had posted. I started to find that other art of “theirs” actually belonged to other artists on DeviantArt. The worst case is the following art which FoxyKoy named – Guerreira.

Comparison of drawing by Art Thief with Artist JeanCarlo183's

The really horrible thing about this example, is that FoxyKoy has removed the original Artists signature, and posted it as their own. In the image above, FoxyKoy is on the left, with the original on the right entitled “Elesis Crimson Avenger – Elsword” by Jeancarlo183, as shown by his signature on the top right, which FoxyKoy removed before describing the art as their own with the description –

BRAZILIAN ORIGINAL –“Eu não fazia guerreiras assim a dias, espero que gostem eu chamava ela de Celest, NÃO QUERO QUE MUDEM O NOME DELA EM!!” ENGLISH TRANSLATION – “I had no warrior so the days , hope you like I called it Celest , NOT WANT TO CHANGE THE NAME OF IT IN !!”

At least with mine they tried to improve it, I guess they were feeling lazy the day they stole JeanCarlo183s drawing lol I don’t understand why anyone would do this, what’s the point? They should be spending their time studying to get better, dirty little thief!