The seas are starting to get a bit rough now, as I continue my adventures learning Procreate! This is week 2, where I share my experience studying from the art book ‘Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate‘, by 3dtotal Publishing. Chapters covered were:

  1. Quickshape,
  2. Colour,
  3. and Layers.

This leaves me on page 48, which is only 13 more since last week but, I spent a large part of the last seven days studying from three YouTube tutorial videos.

The first was ‘What are the best Procreate default brushes?, by Lucas Peinador‘; I found this one to be super valuable; I’m now In Love with the Peppermint Pencil Brush :) ‘Procreate 5 Brush Studio – SIMPLIFIED!, by e r g o j o s h,’ was next on the video tutorials hit list, and this one got me really excited for Creating Custom Brushes, while the final video, ‘How to QUIT SPLIT SCREEN on iPad Multitasking Split view, by iCaveDave‘ helped me get to grips with using the iPad Pro interface.

Once again, I’ve learnt so many new things, but my main take away was how Super Intuitive the Procreate User Interface is. In terms of the actual book, I’m still loving the beautiful balance between reading, and doing.

Here’s the sorts of things I got up to in Procreate this week :)

Some of the topics I talk about in my Learning Procreate Week 2 video, include:

  • Creating lilDENNiS Fur Brushes,
  • How some things are Easy When You Know How,
  • Computer Glasses and Bluetooth Headphones,
  • Quickshapes are a Game Changer,
  • How do you Hold The iPad Pro while Drawing?,
  • My Favourite Brushes So Far,
  • Things Missing from The Book,
  • How You Need to Try Things to Understand How They Work,
  • Some Gestures have me on Edge,
  • Is Food a Distraction?,
  • The Confusion of Blend Modes,
  • and how When You Rush You Delay.

Here’s the video if you’d like to watch it :)

YouTube player


I’m finally starting to feel at home with the iPad, in fact, this is the first time ever that my digital sketches have started to look and feel like my traditional ones *Excitement levels rising!*

Tings aren’t all plane sailing though, while Custom Brushes have me smiling at their potential, they also scare me with the amount of options. Blending Modes too confuse me, but again, seeing some of the effects they can create makes me want to learn more.

That’s it than for this week than.

Next week I should be uncovering more about Blend Modes, Clipping Masks, and The Transform Tool. *Gulp*

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate, by 3dtotal Publishing
What are the best Procreate default brushes? by Lucas Peinador
Procreate 5 Brush Studio – SIMPLIFIED! by e r g o j o s h
How to QUIT SPLIT SCREEN on iPad Multitasking Split view by iCaveDave
Procreate 5 Handbook
Learning Procreate Week 1

Learning Procreate Week 2 : Peter the Penguin, with Artist Sophie Lawson


Lucas Peinador