My Procreate boat took a bit of a battering this week, but it didn’t stop my adventures learning Procreate! This is week 3, where I share my experience studying from the art book ‘Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate‘, by 3dtotal Publishing.

Chapters covered were:

  1. Masks,
  2. Selections,
  3. and The Transform Tool.

This leaves me on page 58, and like last week, I’ve learnt so many new things; This book is Great at Covering Loads of Topics, Without Overwhelming You.

Here’s the sorts of things I got up to in Procreate this week :)

Some of the topics I talk about in my Learning Procreate Week 3 video, include:

  • Happy Little Accidents,
  • Not Quite Understanding Masks,
  • Creating Silhouettes,
  • Using The Soft Light Blend Mode for Coloured Line Art,
  • The Artist Lucas Peinador,
  • Mind Attacks and Still Showing Up,
  • Comparing Traditional Sketches Vs Procreate Sketches,
  • Picking Up lil Art Tips While Watching Other Artists Work,
  • The Importance Of Playing To Discover,
  • Bad Posture While Drawing,
  • Multiple Ways To Do The Same Thing In Procreate,
  • The Art Book ‘Make Great Art On Your iPad by Alison Jardine‘,
  • It’s Easy When You Know How,
  • My Cat Pajamas,
  • Selections Are Powerful,
  • Transform Tool Is Powerful,
  • Procreate Is Powerful,
  • and I watch a Time Lapse Video of Peter the Penguin’s Baby Jimmy :)

Here’s the video if you’d like to watch it :)

YouTube player


Things are getting harder, but also more satisfying. My head hurt a lot this week, but it’s going in. I can feel it. I can feel my Procreate skills leveling up. It’s so Inspiring when you can feel and see yourself getting betting at something.

In terms of Procreate, I’m loving how easy it is to do complex things like Transforming Objects, Working with Layers, and Selecting Parts of your Drawing. It’s brilliant, but the best thing this week was just showing up every day to study, learn, and practice.

I’m living some what of a double life at the moment, by day I’m a Procreate Student, by night I’m a Lucid Dream Explorer, lol, how cool does that sound? Reminds me of the intro to Banana Man :)

Currently I’m working on Shadow aspects of my Psychic, and for a few days this week it boiled over into the waking state. Tings got a bit emotional with lots of mind attacks, but I still showed up, which was something my CBT therapist told me back in 2015, “SOMETIMES, JUST SHOWING UP IS ENOUGH.”

What’s funny though, is I’ve found if you just show up and put a lil squiggle in your sketchbook, you’ll soon find yourself lost in an hour long drawing; It’s the first step that’s hardest sometimes.

Next week I should be learning more about: Adjustments, Actions, and maybe even starting My First Project. *eek*

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate, by 3dtotal Publishing
Lucas Peinador YouTube Channel
How to use Reference Companion in Procreate by Procreate
How To Use Procreate Palette Capture by Cate Shaner
Art Book ‘Make Great Art On Your iPad by Alison Jardine’
Learning Procreate Week 2

Learning Procreate Week 3 : Peter the Penguin's Baby Jimmy Procreate Sketch, with Artist Sophie Lawson


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