A Leaf Made Me Cry - Creative Writing, with Transgender Model & Artist Sophie Lawson

*bows head* Future me here from the year 2021, and rereading this old diary entry bought back so many memories. It’s weird, but I can remember this day like it was yesterday :) Such an amazing experience, hope you enjoy this lil story.

*end of future me*

October 19th 2017, was a windy one.

The after effects of storm Brian hit Plymouth, and it was pretty intense.

I was out at 5am, riding my bike to work.

At first it wasn’t too bad, windy, but it seemed ok.

Than it hit me … literally.

This wind was insane.

I could hardly stand; it was that bad I thought about pushing my bike, and walking.

I decided to risk it and pedal; while it was a bit scary, it was actually fun.

I found myself laughing; enjoying the crazyness of it all.

On I peddled, up through the park.

The sound of the wind howling, trees rustling, and debris being blown about.

In the middle of the park, I just stopped.

I parked my bike and listened.

I watched as everything around got blown to bits.

Everything seemed so helpless.

I became fascinated by the trees.

They seemed huge, towering over me and my bike, moving about as if desperately trying not to be ripped from their roots.

I started to feel a strange connection to the leaves.

They had little chance, no matter how hard they tried to hang on.

Over and over again, I watched as leaves got plucked from their homes; sent swirling to the ground.

Some seemed to be having fun, almost dancing through the air.

Some seemed to be darting down to earth, as if they couldn’t leave home quick enough.

Others seemed to be staying in the air for an eternity, floating about as if to admire the view one last time.

I still can’t really explain what I was feeling, but it felt like theses leaves where alive.

Each on it’s own separate journey.

Accompanied by the rustling and howling, it was actually a beauty experience.

A couple of times, me and my bike got blown over; this only increased the sense of sadness I had for the little helpless leaves.

I watched as one leaf left it’s branch, and started its decent.

This way and that.

As if it had a plan for where it wanted to land.

It was getting bigger and bigger.

Even though the wind was intense, this little leaf seemed to have some sort of protection around it; for it softly, and gently, fell to earth … coming to rest delicately on the wheel of my bike, as if placed there on purpose

I started crying.

It felt so beautiful.

The wind still howling, and chaos all around … this leaf brought with it a sense of calmness.

As if to say: no matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter how bad or scary it may seem, everything will be ok.

A Leaf Made Me Cry - Creative Writing, with Transgender Model & Artist Sophie Lawson


Satoru Fujinuma