The day I got Stuck in my Skirt, with Transgender Model & Artist Sophie Lawson

Future me from the year 2020 here *waves* In the following diary entry, written nearly 6 years ago, I wondered what would happen if I ever got stuck in a dress I adored and had to cut up. Well, earlier this year, it happened. I still have the dress in my wardrobe, it’s totally ripped to bits, but I can’t throw it away … maybe I’ll turn it into an outfit for lilDENNiS or something lol.

*end of future me*

I had something really funny happen this week, I was wearing some dresses, taking photos, and decided to try on a lil pink skirt. In I climbed, hooked the clasp together, and pulled on the zip. Nope. It was only about an inch form the top but wasn’t in the mood for moving today. You will move, I thought, yanking on the zip. It was tough, but I was able to do it up.

Costume change time, the zip behaved itself and off slipped the skirt. A few minutes late I decided I did want to wear the pink skirt after all, so, in I climbed again. Pulled the skirt up and hooked the clasp together, but once again the zip got stuck right near the top. Knowing I could get the zip fully closed, it became a personal mission … you will do as I say lol

I pulled and pulled, my finger was really hurting because it was such a tiny lil zip I couldn’t get a nice grip. I was so determined to get this zip closed though, that I bounced my way downstairs and got a pair of pliers, Take this, I thought.

I got a nice grip and pulled … zip, it moved about a millimetre but no further. I kept pulling, when suddenly *ping!* I saw something shoot across the room like a mini missile and realised the zip was now detached and stuck in the pliers. Hmm, I thought, before realising the left behind zip was all buckled and never coming off. I could almost hear the broken zip laughing from across the room.

I tried to escape, I wiggled and wiggled, but the only way out of this fine mess was to cut myself free. Now I was the one laughing!

I’d always thought how funny it would be to get stuck in a dress, sometimes, because of my man shoulders, when taking certain dresses off I have to do crazy acrobatics and arm swinging motions to get myself loose; It’s a really good work out actually :) I’ve always managed to get out of my dresses, but I’ve often wondered, what would actually happen if I actually got stuck in a dress that I adored and had to cut up. I think I’d leave it on and just go to work with a dress hanging round my shoulders lol

The day I got Stuck in my Skirt, with Transgender Model & Artist Sophie Lawson

Look how cute this lil dress was, and now it’s got a massive tear mark down the middle lol I never did get to take any photos in this skirt, but at least it had a purpose in life, I now know pliers and zips don’t go well together :)


Satoru Fujinuma