How I chose my female name ... a Transgender Diary Entry with Transgender Artist & Model Sophie Lawson

Where did the name Sophie Lawson come from? Back in 2004, I started to realise I wasn’t alone, there were other Transgender people in the world! This was thanks to the internet, where I found tons of transgender people chatting in various forums. I decided I wanted to join one of these communities, but I had never thought of a female name before.

After searching around online, someone said they got their female name by picking the name of their first pet, and combining it with their Nan’s name, I worked out my combination in my head and smiled. It just felt so right. Sophie was the name of my first lil cat; I love cats to bits. She used to sleep in bed with me when I was a kid. I remember she used to do that clawy thing cats do on my tshirts, I had this black tshirt she’d covered in holes, but she made it my favourite top because of that :)

The name Lawson is from my Nan; She was one of those special people who made you believe anything was possible. I remember back in 1994 I wanted to be a racing driver, and while everyone dismissed it, Nan was the only person who genuinely made me feel like I could do it. I never did become a racing driver, and maybe Nan didn’t really think I could lol but she made me believe I could, and that’s an amazing gift. I haven’t met many people like her in my life.

It’s a real shame Nan died before I was old enough to talk to her as an adult, as she helped me out in 1993 when I suffered child abuse, and being so young at the time, I never truly thanked her for her kindness.

How I chose my female name ... a Transgender Diary Entry with Transgender Artist & Model Sophie Lawson

I only have one photo of my cat Sophie, and it’s a very blurry one of her creeping out from under my bed lol It was taken in July 1992 when I was 12 years old. The photo next to Sophie, from around 1993 when she looked after me for a few months, is of my lovely Nan sleeping. I have many photos of Nan, but I think she would love the fact I’m sharing this one of her :) Nan loved sleeping, whenever she slept I would take a photo lol I wish we had smartphones back in the 90’s because I’d have videos of her snoring than as well lol

It’s beautiful to me how two of the most important people (are Cats people?) in my past life, are now living with me forever via my name, Sophie Lawson.

What would your name be if you picked the name of your first pet, and combined it with your Nan’s name? Please send me a message and let me know, it’ll be fun to find out :)


Satoru Fujinuma